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26th November 2013

Top 5: Fashion apps

Charlie Dick appreciates the most appealing (free) fashion apps that should appear on all smart phones immediately.

1) Snap Fashion

Remember seeing that most beautiful dress on your favorite celebrity, looking perfect on the pages of your fashion magazine? Remember having no idea who or where the dress even came from? Well I do, and I also remember the feeling of disappointment of knowing that I’ll probably never know where to buy it. Well, let me introduce you to Snap Fashion. The fashion app that allows you to upload a photo of that perfect-for-my-next-occasion-dress (or any other much desired item) and it will find it online or recommend similar items. See it, snap it, buy it! Thank you Snap Fashion!


2)    Pinterest.

From sports stars to kitchen sinks, this app allows you to keep a log of everything you like. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that fashion has become one of its most popular categories. The mobile version of the highly used social media site takes ‘pinning’ inspirational, beautiful and occasional novelty photographs on the move. By organising these images into categorised ‘boards’, it’s easy to keep a track of your wish-list items or potential outfits. You may even find a friend’s board that’s worth following, as long as you can ignore their 700 pictures of dogs in roller-skates. 


3)    The Hunt.

Desperately want that jumper from that Instagram you liked? Can’t find where to buy that necklace off of that Tumblr you saw? Worry not, because The Hunt is here to facilitate your materialism. Think of it like a sociable version of Snap Fashion. ‘Hunts’ can be created by uploading a photo of what you’re looking for either from your files or a linked social media site. Then, after adding a brief description, you hope that fellow ‘hunters’ will help you find it whilst you do the same for them. With a growing number of ‘hunters’, matches are becoming more and more successful.


The infamous fashion website can now fit into your palm, pocket or Mulberry clutch. The app brings you the latest information and photos on the most glamorous and important runway looks and parties. With constant updates direct to your phone you’ll feel like you were there too, rubbing shoulders with some of fashion’s most influential people. If browsing through endless ready-to-wear, couture, resort and menswear shows is too tedious for your bus ride, the app also gives you a simple look of the day as instant gratification for the eyes.


5)    GQ

Taking content from print to digital is not a new concept. However, when it’s done with effortlessly cool consistency using a layout of functional and aesthetic pleasure it’s difficult not to get excited about it. GQ offers an on-the-go style manual packed full of exclusive features as well as offering the chance to download and subscribe to current issues. With articles covering politics, cars, films, sex, music, technology and so much more, this really is an app for the modern man… as long as you have the memory space available.

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