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Hey Siri, why are you a woman?

Hey Siri, why are you a woman?

As the development of AI technology is rapidly improving, should we be questioning who our voice assistants are narrated by?
Smartphones are becoming the new luxury cars

Smartphones are becoming the new luxury cars

Sophie Marriott writes that as smartphones become increasingly crucial to everyday life they become just as much embroiled with poverty and inequality as the luxury car market.

Feature: Fifteen years of the iPod – how has Apple’s gamble shaken up the music industry?

The iPod was introduced by Apple fifteen years ago, and we feel old. Rebekah Shaw asks: what has the technology of the millennium brought for music?

If the FBI wins against Apple we all lose

If a precedent is set for state authorities gaining access to encrypted data, we don’t know where it will end

Review: Subterfuge

Forget about conquering on land, Subterfuge is all about conquering the sea, and you can do it all from the comfort of your phone. But is it worth the time?

HOME Pick of the Week: Tangerine

Aside from its notoriety for being shot on an iPhone 5, Tangerine is a charming and emotionally resonant picture that succeeds in making itself truly unique

Marketing: Who’s in control of what you spend?

With advertising and marketing more prevalent in our lives than ever before, we must ask: to what extent are we truly in control of our own expenditure?

Top 5: Fashion apps

Charlie Dick appreciates the most appealing (free) fashion apps that should appear on all smart phones immediately.

Dating for the 4G generation

What does the recent rise of mobile dating app Tinder have to say about the way our generation views romance? Our sceptical Lifestyle Editor gives her verdict…

‘Bike-gang’ target student smartphones

11 students in a month have been the victim of thieves on bikes on the Oxford Road

Salford student puts ‘soundscapes’ on the map

App by PhD student aims to create worldwide ‘sound map’

Confessions of a student activist: shunning the neo-liberal lifestyle

Jak Dyehouse responds to Soapbox Issue 02