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4th February 2014


Marie Clare Yates discusses the new lengths men will go to for better hair this 2014.

In the animal kingdom, the lion’s mane portrays signs of intimidation, sexual maturity and vigour with the lion having an increased chance of mating the more impressive his mane. Similarly, in the human world it is no secret that becoming bald is generally an undesirable concept but are the stakes for having less hair as high? Apparently so. Research finds that women on dating websites are five times more likely to contact men with a full head of hair than those who are thinning on top (Telegraph Online). A full head of hair is a strong indicator of a man’s vitality; he appears to be more youthful, active and strong where as balding men are apparently rated as less attractive, inactive and unkind*. So how can those balding amongst us reverse their situation?

Leading hair extension brand ‘Great Lengths’ have introduced new ‘Men-Hancement’ range.  This allows men to add length, thickness and texture to their hair by using extensions that are specifically designed for men, used not as a replacement for hair but to add body and volume. The bonds are cut super small so aren’t visible and since the extensions are made from real human hair they feel and behave exactly like natural hair. Is there a catch? Despite obvious styling and ego advantages, will male hair extensions help or hinder your love life? A study finds that men with bald heads rank higher for masculinity, strength, dominance and leadership potential** and social networking sites reveal mixed opinions from the ladies. But what does this matter? Male hair extensions have become increasingly popular over recent months – could it be possible that this primal mating prerequisite has transmitted between mammals? Or are men just getting vainer? Either way, boys you can get your hair extensions for £60-80 and they last between 2-3 months, there is a ‘Great Lengths’ salon in Deansgate for your convenience.


*Subliminally Exposed: Shocking truths about your hidden desires in mating, dating and communicating. Steven Dyan, 2013

**The University of Pennsylvania, 2012.

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