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Fashion Revolution: The 90s

We all know how it works, trends come, trends go and the big fashion Ferris wheel keeps turning. Whether its the 60s, 70s or the less attractive 80s, the industry loves nothing more than looking back to move forward. A phenomenon I’m less familiar with however is to experience a vogue for an era I was actually alive in.

But back in late 2011 the Manchester’s students began canoodling with crop tops, in 2012 they were spotted behind the bike sheds with scrunchies and by 2013 they had embarked on a full blown love affair with all things 90s. Though kimonos and chokers have long since disappeared off the catwalks, the city is still clinging on to its kicks and staying firmly zipped into its ‘Mom’ jeans.

Surely sustained by Manchester’s grungy sensibilities, the revival of this particular decade’s influence has outlasted all expectations. Amongst the redbrick and under the constant wet weather, there’s something about 90s style that just seems to suit Manchester. So nose rings at the ready and sneaker-covered foot firmly forward, this particular decade trend isn’t going anywhere.

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