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4th November 2014

Recipe: Mexican Fajitas

Tilly Embling offers her recipe for fajitas

I have recently set up a supper club as a nice excuse to meet up with friends I no longer live with and to test out any new recipes. I wanted to start with something easy that didn’t require too much time in the kitchen. I chose a Mexican classic, fajitas. This is such a good meal for getting to know people, there is something about sharing out food and passing it around the table is just perfect for breaking the ice. I thought this meal could translate well for those of you who are new students or have moved into new houses with new people and are getting used to cooking for the first time. Fajitas are really easy to and they’re a great way to bring your whole house together, so next time you decide to have a house meal, here is an easy meal you can try out.

Chicken Fajitas (serves 6)

• One large onion
• 5 chicken thighs
• One and a half peppers
• One chilli
• One dessert spoon of cumin
• Half a dessert spoon of coriander
• Half a dessert spoon of paprika
• Half a tin of tomatoes
• A bunch of fresh coriander
• Two limes
• Two avocados
• A handful of cherry tomatoes
• Quarter of a red onion
• A tub of sour cream
• Half a block of cheese
• One lettuce
• 2 packets of tortilla wraps
• A bowl of cooked rice (optional)

• Although the list of ingredients looks a bit intimidating there are only really two aspects of this dish that require any preparation. Start with the chicken. Slice the onion and fry in oil. Slice the chicken thighs as thin as possible and add to the pan. Now add the chopped chilli, the spices and a handful of diced coriander stalks. Fry for a minute but make sure the spices don’t burn. Add the tomatoes. Slice up the peppers and add to the pan along with half a cup of water, leave to simmer with the lid on.

• Now tackle the guacamole. Mash the avocados in a bowl, squeeze in the juice of one lime. Chop the tomatoes and add to the avocados. Dice the red onion as finely as possible and add to the bowl along with a handful of chopped coriander leaves. Season with salt and pepper and you’re done.

• Return to the chicken—a lot of the liquid should have evaporated by now. Stir through loads of coriander leaves and squeeze over half a lime. Serve alongside the guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese, thinly chopped lettuce, the rice (if you’re using it) and tortilla wraps, warmed in the oven.

Time to cook: 30 minutes.
Cost: £2.40.
Washing up: Off the charts but you can get your friends to give you a hand!

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