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17th December 2014

Kosmonaut Presents Manchester Artist himHallows

A quirky café/bar in the Northern Quarter opens its doors to a new galactic exhibition by Manchester artist, himHallows

Deep in the Northern Quarter, nestled away amongst the endless bars and cafés, is a stellar hangout for that much needed lunch break during endless days shopping or for those chilled nights with cocktails and good friends. Kosmonaut is well off the beating track and offers not only the perfect food and drink, but some of the quirkiest and up-and-coming art that the city has to offer. Its ever-changing art exhibitions make it the perfect place for Manchester-based artist himHallows to showcase new artwork in this stunning and unique exhibition.

Entitled ‘Grand Tours’, himHallows draws upon his interest in space and, more specifically, with the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft and their mission that began back in 1977. His work depicts and celebrates their journey through the solar system.

2012 was the mission’s most profound year as this was the year that Voyager 1 became the first human-built object to enter interstellar space and while this largely went unreported, himHallows uses this to invoke the serenity and distinct aloneness of the craft.

The artwork will be a combination of spray paint and acrylic on board, similar to the aesthetic himHallows has established as one of his signature mural styles. himHallows is the working name of Paul Hallows, a self-taught artist from Manchester who has previously worked with creative bodies as diverse as Manchester Art Gallery, Video Jam and Textbook Studio. He has become known for working across a variety of mediums including pen and ink, spray-painted murals and 3D cardboard and calico models.

Incorporating galactic landmarks such as the planets and moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the work will drift throughout a series of several panels, reflecting how spacecraft are created to float eternally through the galaxy.

If you want to experience this one of a kind exhibition, ‘Grand Tours’ opened on Friday 5th December and will be free to visit until Friday 2nd January. Kosmonaut provides not only this amazing exhibition but also fabulous food and drink to make the experience that little bit better.

Find Kosmonaut on Tariff Street, or find out more here: To find out more about himHallows visit his website:

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