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11th March 2015

Overheard at the University of Manchester, 9/3/15

The funniest things you’ve been saying around campus this week

“You’re funnier than the funny bone.”
Overheard in the union

“My sister had this ex-boyfriend and he was the cuntiest of all the cunts.”
Overheard in Withington

“I know how to use my words to make someone hate themselves and I really want to do that to her.”
Overheard in Kro

“This comedown is so grim, I feel lower than my chances of getting a 2:1.”
Overheard in Fallowfield

“For some reason this weekend she’s making me go to a bridal and a baby fair.”
Overheard on Oxford Road

“Wish there had been a bomb on north campus, would have been a great improvement.”
Overheard on the bus

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