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3rd May 2015

Overheard: Election Special

The best things you’ve been saying about the upcoming General Election

“Yeah but that’s the thing with politics, it’s a choice between loads of wankers”
Overheard in 256


“I really want… to want to vote for Labour”
Overheard in Big Hands


“I like to vote for the underdog, just to give them a bit of hope”
Overheard in the Language centre


“I don’t know why but I just really trust David Cameron”
Overheard on the grass outside the Library


“If you could sum up how you feel about the general election in one emoji, what would it be?”
“Probably that disinterested side-eye thing. Or the pile of shit.”
Overheard in Uni Place


“The Milifandom is the best thing to come out of any election ever”
Overheard in Stopford


“If Nigel Farage is the next Prime Minister I will quit my degree and personally champion the assassination plot”
Overheard outside the Alan Turing Building


“Would you rather have Cameron or Miliband as your Prime Minister?”
“I think I’d rather move to North Korea and live under Kim Jong-un”
Overheard on a magic bus


“I just don’t feel like anyone is trying to get me to vote for them”
Overheard in the union


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