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Review: Alita: Battle Angel

Review: Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel could have been vastly entertaining, but somehow manages to fall short at every hurdle

Cameron’s reforms are a distraction from greater issues

Tristan Parsons suggests that Cameron’s victory over a reformed relationship with the EU is merely distracting from far bigger issues

Cameron’s EU deal increases the possibility of Brexit

The Prime Minister’s deal does not do enough to blunt the Euroscepticism that exists in the left and the right

The Murder Marketplace

Grace Annesley-Mair reflects on the implications of the UK’s stance on the refugee crisis as international arms fairs continue to be held in London

Overheard: Election Special

The best things you’ve been saying about the upcoming General Election

Society under siege

Reforms to healthcare, education and the welfare state are an attack on the fabric of our society, writes Joe Earle

‘Shame!’ The heckle is back and it’s here to stay

Try as our politicians might, heckling and confrontation is an inescapable reality, writes Andrew Williams

“We need to be painting big bright colours rather than writing in shades of grey”

Andrew Williams discusses Ed Miliband’s struggle to find a direction with former General Secretary of the Labour Party, Peter Watt

‘Militant secularisation’ has not gone far enough

Greater separation between religion and the state will give people of faith more religious freedom, not less, writes Catriona Watson

Five political predictions for 2012

Dust off your crystal ball, don your Mystic Meg wig, and prepare to swallow some wild speculation – here’s 2012 before it happens

‘The enemy within’

Trade Unions are putting self-interest ahead of the public interest – failing to recognise that we are all in this together

Better off Ed? In defence of Ed Miliband

Calls for an economic alternative have grown over the past 12 months, and following his keynote party conference speech ‘Red Ed’ is looking more far-sighted than far-left, writes Rob Fuller

Guess who’s back? Back again – Putin’s back!

Vladimir Putin’s latest statement of intent doesn’t only have implications for President Medvedev – it will have a great impact on Russian democracy and the wider international community

Israel-Palestine: ‘The time for false mediation is over’

For all of President Obama’s idealistic rhetoric, it falls to our European leaders to take action over the Middle East peace process

Conference crunch time for the coalition

Rob Fuller assesses the priorities of the three main parties, and what it will take for each of them to have a successful autumn conference