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13th October 2015

No pain, no gain

Perisha Kudhail delves into the world of eyebrows that are on ‘fleek’

Eyebrows seem to have become an obsession. Whether they are big and beautiful or trim and shapely, getting your eyebrows to look like perfection doesn’t always have to feel like surgery. Here are a few sure fire ways to neaten up those brows and make you feel awesome.


1. Threading.

You may have heard some horror stories about threading—but fear not. Threading is a great way to catch all those pesky hairs that tweezers just can’t quite seem to grab. Threading originated in India and a cotton thread is used to pull our multiple hairs for a precise finish. Because threading pulls hair from the root, this treatment should last you a while, and you can pluck the one or two hairs that grow in between. Try Zara’s on Curry Mile. For ladies only and cheap prices, you can be sure to come out knowing your eyebrows are doing you proud.


2. Waxing

Waxing is a brilliant way to shape up those brows, sharpish. A layer of wax is used to catch all those pesky hairs, and rips them all out in one go. Although waxing isn’t as precise as threading, it still gets the hair out by the roots ensuring that your eyebrow game will stay strong. The Brazilian Waxing Company offers a great eyebrow wax service and you can get your nails done after!


3. Plucking

This can be done DIY style, or from a professional beauty salon. Plucking is a great way to top up an already established eyebrow (via waxing or threading). Using tweezers, individual hairs are gripped and pulled from the roots, a great way to get those pesky spam hairs.


Once your eyebrows are beautifully shaped—by any one of these methods—keeping them neat and tidy is a doddle. Invest in an eyebrow comb and you’d be surprised at how much difference it could make, particularly if you use an eyebrow pencil. After you’ve had your treatment, be sure to make sure you keep the area clean and chemical-free for at least four hours. This will give time for the pores to close and prevent you getting any nasty pimples. Finally, never get your eyebrows done if you plan to go somewhere soon after, your choice of hair removal may result in your skin going slightly red and you don’t want to put makeup only to agitate the area. Don’t worry, the pain is all worth it in the end. Trust me.

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