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Student rep election results announced

Last week, student elections for part-time repstook place. Candidates have been seen drumming up support from around Owens Park and around campus, in an attempt to gain students votes for a number of positions on the executive.

Positions range from Women’s Officer, to Ethical and Environmental Officer and Student Community Officer to name a few. In short, the elected representatives do all in their power to improve life for University Of Manchester students.


The results this year are as follows:

Undergraduate Humanities Officers: Ally Routledge, Fred Craig

Postgraduate Taught Humanities Officer: Amber Guan

Postgraduate Research Humanities Officer: Ros Wolfe

Undergraduate Life Sciences Officer: Sarah Choke

Postgraduate Taught Life Sciences Officer: Laura Castro

Undergraduate Medical and Human Sciences(MHS) Officers: Mohammed Alli Safdar, Chloe Brookes

Postgraduate Research MHS Officer: Helen Parker

Postgraduate Taught MHS Officer: Natasha Motsi

Disabled Students Officers: Dorian Gordon, Nayab Begum

Women Students Officers: Muneera Lula, Jess Lowe

BME Student Officers: Felicia Odamtten, Deej Lashley-Johnson

LGBTQ Officers: Liss Anckorn, Yi Ye

Ethical and Environmental Officer: Alexandra Cuschieri

International Officer: Duan Sun-Sundy

Undergraduate EPS Officers: Miruna Pislar, Mushfique Hossain Pavel

Postgraduate Taught EPS Officer: Zhao Chenhoe

Postgraduate Research EPS Officer: Imhotep Baptise (Imo)

Community Officers for Fallowfield and Withington: Jacob Morris-Davis, James Riley

Community Officers for Rusholme and Whitworth: Fran Lester, Louis Appolinari

Community Officers for City Centre: Joseph Clough, Andrew Yau


The turnout this year amounted to 2459—the highest amount of votes cast in an election for part-time officers in the university’s history. This perhaps reflects the recent increase of young people becoming more engaged in politics.

Ally Routledge, the successfully-elected Undergraduate Humanities Officer said: “The high turnout from the election proves that students really do care about how their university is run—I will work hard to represent the views of all humanities students to make their time at university the best it can be.”

This year the elections had a bit of a shake up. If successful, candidates are now allowed to help set the direction of the Senate, allowing them to assist in shaping university policy. This gives the newly elected officers a chance to really put their mark on how things are done. Students are encouraged to approach the newly elected committee if they want to suggest how university life could be improved.

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