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Emily Hulme

Emily Hulme

£14,000 tuition fees planned for shorter courses

The government is planning to allow universities to offer shorter courses for higher tuition fees

Review: All or Nothing

It seems mod culture is definitely the newest trend to be revived

Bursaries improve students’ chances of getting a better degree

Recent research shows that students who receive bursaries perform better in their degrees than if they had not received the financial aid

Rhodes must fall activist controversy

Ntokozo Qwabe was videoed allegedly using a stick to knock a mobile phone out of a student’s hand during a protest

Graduates might be earning less than non-graduates

Gender, parental income, university, and subject choice have large impacts on earning power, IFS finds

Muslim women academically outperform male counterparts

Academics find that Muslim women now outnumber Muslim men in the number of people aged 21-24 with higher education degrees, in stark contrast to past statistics

Home Office liable for the wrongful deportation of 48,000 students from the UK

48,000 students were wrongfully deported by the Home Office after a BBC investigation found one school to be fraudulently awarding students with study visas

Government restrict living cost support for EU students in the UK

NUS is ‘outraged’ that the government are making it harder for EU students to receive financial support whilst studying in the UK

Looted Cockerel to be ‘permanently removed’ from Jesus College, Cambridge

The Benin Bronze Appreciation Committee has succeeded in repatriating the cockerel to its rightful home in Nigeria

Homophobic Facebook post leads Sheffield University to expel student

Christian social work student expelled from University after he posted his views on same sex marriage on his personal Facebook account

Calls to repatriate bronze cockerel at Cambridge

Students at Cambridge University hold debate to discuss future repatriation of Bronze cockerel statue stolen from Nigeria in colonial times

Students encouraged to volunteer at homelessness charities

Last Tuesday, Amy Hinks came from the Booth Centre to the university to talk about the Manchester-based charity; what it does, and how students can get involved.

BME students still struggle to access top universities

David Cameron condemned the reported statistics that only 48 African, Carribbean or mixed students were admitted to Oxford in 2013

Government takes first steps of legislation with HE green paper

What’s in the Higher Education green paper: Risk of higher fees, more bureaucracy, and an easier route for “providers” to set up new universities

Jeremy Hunt makes a new offer to junior doctors to avoid strikes

A day before the BMA launch their ballot to strike, Jeremy Hunt announces he is open to negotiate the newly proposed contract, though this itself has not come without criticism

Osborne: Sorry Birmingham, President Xi is coming to the Northern Powerhouse

Xi, arguably the second most powerful man on the planet, visited Manchester University last week. And it’s thanks to George Osborne

Student rep election results announced

A round up of the newly elected Student Officers; the highest election turnout in the university’s history