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9th December 2015

All I want for Christmas is…

…the most glamorous products on the market! Find out exactly what the Fashion & Beauty section of The Mancunion are asking Santa for this year (spoiler: it’s very wishful thinking)

Dear Santa,

Considering how superbly I’ve been behaving, I’ve decided that all I really want for Christmas this year is this sapphire cocktail jacket courtesy of Tom Ford, fresh off the SS16 runway. Waking up to this generous gift underneath my tree would inevitably empower me to live my fantasy as the Black Card boasting editor of the world’s most fabulous magazine. This scintillating piece, which incorporates an ink-black satin shawl and regal collar detail, would certainly put a twinkle in my eye. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a price tag—I’ve deduced that the reasoning behind this is that if one has to ask, then one definitely cannot afford. But, please, don’t let this tarnish my shining moment, Santa—I take an Italian size 46.

Kyle Zabawa


Photo: Tiffany £1,700

Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I can’t stop thinking about; the way you sparkle, your delicate chain, your metallic glean, your simple elegance. It isn’t every day that you stumble upon something so perfect, especially when enjoying a casual browsing session while procrastinating. What I am really trying to say is: Tiffany bow bracelet with diamond embellishment, all I want for Christmas is you. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

P.S. Santa has a budget of £1,700 for a poor, stressed, third year student, right? Good. Just checking.

Kate Murray


Photo: Selfridges £23

At the top of my beauty Christmas wishlist this year is Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in ‘Glastonberry’. This is a shade I’ve seen on the lips of what seems like every blogger this year, and it’s one I haven’t stopped thinking about since I first laid eyes on it. It’s on the rather pricey side of the lipstick scale, at a jaw dropping £23 (my boyfriend’s jaw actually dropped when I hinted at this for my Christmas present), but it looks worth every penny. With rose gold packaging and a beautiful dark blackcurrant shade, what’s to not love? This is the ultimate luxury product, and if it doesn’t end up under my Christmas tree this year, it will be my new partner in crime come next loan instalment.

Laura Mills


Photo: Jo Malone £193

In the upper echelons of the candle and fragrance brands is Jo Malone; the inevitable star on top of the fantastically-scented Christmas tree. All I want for Christmas is this indulgent quartet: a body cream, body wash, candle, and cologne in the scent Wood Sage and Sea Salt. A perfume that is ‘alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs’ may not form part of your usual criteria in the selection process for your new eau de parfum, but the fresh and woody notes mean that it’s subtle enough and versatile for all year round. After all, a signature scent is for life, not just for Christmas…

Millie Kershaw


Photo: Daniel Wellington £159

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Sheffield watch with rose gold detailing has been bookmarked on my laptop for as long as I can remember. With its humble design and elegant leather strap, it would be the perfect addition to my every day wardrobe. Worn with a striped tee, a pair of classic blue jeans, chelsea boots, and a tartan scarf, this watch would complete my simple ensemble. Despite being in the mid-range of the watch market, with a high-end Michael Kors watch averaging around a whopping £210, it is definitely a luxury that my measly student budget can’t quite afford. Here’s looking at you, Father Christmas!

Kassi Allcock

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