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Fashion in your favourite festive films

Every year magazines and websites are eager to advise us on the best way to dress for the upcoming holiday season. However, holiday dressing never varies too greatly, as exemplified in some of our most beloved Christmas films.

Lets start with Love Actually, a film with just enough Christmas to be able to watch in June without feeling guilty. Keira Knightley wears some fabulously noughties outfits, as always. Her wedding hairstyle is a great example of her elegance—with two strands of hair framing face, but it still does not distract from the beauty of her lace dress. Perfection. The crop tops for parties and the cosy sweaters when she’s lounging are failsafe Christmas outfits. Keira, we salute your winter style.

White Christmas gave us more than the eponymous Christmas song; it also gave us the stereotypical Father Christmas outfits. The entire film is a fantastically fifties extravaganza, but the styling is impeccable. The nipped-in waists, the off-the-shoulder dresses, and the waved hair remind viewers that if there is any time of year to do full on glam, it’s Christmas.

Another fabulous reminder of the importance of hair and beauty during the festive season is The Grinch. Back before Taylor Momsen was strutting about in a corset and fishnets, she was melting our hearts as little Cindy Lou—she had a great hairdresser. Admittedly, it can be said that her hair was a tad avant-garde, but if you’re going to commit to a look, which Cindy Lou and all the inhabitants of Whoville do, it’s important to remember that hair and beauty finish off the style.

There are so many other great festive outfits commemorated in film; Buddy’s green and yellow Elf outfit, Kevin McCallister’s love of the sweatshirt through three Home Alone movies, and best of all the classic dress worn in It’s A Wonderful Life—my favourite Christmas film by far. So this festive season if you can’t decide what to wear, sit down, watch a Christmas film, and perhaps it could inspire your dream outfit. Or just cuddle up and watch them all!

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