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Fashion in Film

The 2016 Oscar nominations are shrouded in controversy from every angle in society. The films nominated are no longer a cause for celebration but the topic of equality debates; however, enough voices have weighed in on this conversation that I shall leave mine out. Instead, let us draw our eyes to the beautiful fashions of this year’s cinema.

The AW15 Gucci runway was cause for many comparisons to one of cinema’s most unique style icons—Margot Tenenbaum. Gwenyth Paltrow’s portrayal of Wes Anderson’s character was given a new lease of life thanks to the Italian powerhouse. This awards season sees the relationship between fashion and cinema set to continue on its dizzying romance.

My favourite film of last year was, by far, Carol. Every detail was considered in this spectacular piece of art: the lighting, the camera angles, the acting, the mise-en-scene all built to a beautiful viewing experience. Best of all was the costumes. Cate Blanchett’s Carol is a perfectly-tailored, put-together 50s glamazon. She exudes wealth and luxury, creating the kind of character that rarely exists in the twenty-first century, who can wear furs, hats, and brooches to go Christmas shopping. The detail is so great that her make up and hair are reflective of her state of mind. Therese is the complete antithesis of Carol, style-wise; she looks like she is wearing a Catholic school uniform, in the best possible way. The tartan bobble hat is sure to become a thing, I’m certain of it.

Carol offers an opportunity to witness two different fashions reacting to each other, and is sure to excite trends. For this, it has received an Oscar nomination.

One of the other films that had a bigger budget connection to the fashion world was Disney’s live action, Cinderella. Sandy Powell and Jane Law designed and created the fairy tale dress that caused a slur of controversy about Lily James’ waist. In spite of all the press, both designers insist her tiny waist was an optical illusion created by the size of the skirt. Cinderella is one film in which the dress and shoes will always be important—Disney did not disappoint. Swarovski created the eponymous glass slippers, reflecting a dream of desires. Cinderella is definitely another strong contender for the Best Costume Design Oscar, but I don’t think we’re going to start wearing glass slippers anytime soon…

The other nominees include The Revenant, The Danish Girl and Mad Max: Fury Road. I could go for a bit of mountain-wear chic à la Leonardo DiCaprio, or sport Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander’s 20’s dressing, but I think I can pass on the tortured and bionic style of dystopian Mad Max.

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