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9th February 2016

Almost Fearless

I was like—good gracious, buns are bodacious!

To the untrained eye, the Great Northern Warehouse addition to the Almost Famous empire probably resembles a danger zone. In all honesty, they’re not far wrong. This burger joint is certainly the black sheep of the polished bars and eateries that line Peter Street. But in spite of its rather rebellious appearance, the quality that can be expected from this institute is nothing less than mind-blowing.

It’s difficult to not feel a slight sense of fate when dining at the baddest burger joint in town. After all, the menu is covered with so many applicable life quotes that have been uttered from these very lips… Personal favourites include, “All I need is Prosecco and mascara” and, “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry”.

Walking into Almost Famous is oddly reminiscent of childhood memories: Defaced Disney characters and a giant gorilla, minus the booze and burgers, unfortunately. There’s no denying that whoever fashioned Almost Famous’s crazy concoctions is a burger connoisseur with a great love of all things burger-related.

Some may feel surprised and potentially disappointed that these burgers are not automatically accompanied by their usual potato sidekick, but don’t be fooled. These meaty mountains are no normal feat and neither are their “wonder-dust” coated companions. Honestly, each of these are a meal in themselves, but if you really can’t face one without the other, sharing is recommended, strongly recommended. You see, the issue with Almost Famous’s gastronomical delights is that once you’ve started, you simply can’t stop: Trousers will be unbuttoned, you’ll be crying out for a bib, and your stomach will be protesting pitifully. But in spite of these protests, your horrified eyes will still be watching yet another morsel advancing toward your sauce-covered lips.

For spice lovers, the chicken blasts are your dream come true. Slathered in hot sauce, these buttermilk, fried boneless chicken strips will leave you reaching for another with one hand and the water with the other. Vegetarians need not be excluded, nor served anything less than greatness; and if a burger is just not your jam then there’s still plenty to choose from. Meat-free options include the Brittany Murphy or the Anna Nicole—both cheesy masterpieces, one with mac patties, the other a triple-threat toasted cheese melt. Or for those who are simply not a fan of cow, then prepare yourself for the most drenched chicken wings imaginable. *Disclaimer: sticky hands are inevitable*

In keeping with their “love us or hate us” attitude, normal rules apply for the franchise: booking is not permitted so they send warning of waiting times during peak hours and weekends. They’re a popular bunch, so best to get in there early. If you’ve chosen Almost Famous to host a special occasion though, then never fear, this branch has now opened up two private dining rooms for your pleasure.

As if they couldn’t wow you further, Almost Famous’s talents don’t stop at burgers, oh no, they like booze, too and their cocktails are equally ingenious. After all, who doesn’t need an injection of sophistication after wiping sauce from their chin and recovering from a wave of meat sweats? Labelled with the caution of containing “hopes and dreams”, these potions are like nothing you’ve sipped before.

Is that it though? No. For those who have become crazed with over-consumption, there are desserts. In expected fashion, these are not some light palette cleansers; instead expect: fried, sugary, rich, and saucy to apply to each and every option.

So if you’ve not already wiped the drool suspended from your chin, do so now, then be sure to make your way down to Almost Famous to calm that grumbling stomach. You can thank me later…

100-102 High St,
M4 1HP

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