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24th October 2016

Vamp it up: Halloween inspired makeup

Shannon Winterbone reveals the top makeup collections, from low budget to high end, that will get you Halloween ready

Halloween is one of those dates in the calendar that screams for a night out, and for this night out especially you need a range of makeup that is not going to disappoint. Forget your usual makeup routine and get creative because Halloween is only for bold ideas. Whether you are going for the ultimate Halloween look as a vampire covered in fake blood or keeping it casual with a daring shade of lipstick, these three makeup ranges have everything you need to complete your look.

Makeup Revolution 

If you are looking to create a ghoul or skull effect, try the Ghost Powder (£2) and Ghost Sculpt duo (£4) to contour even the palest, more ghost like faces (use over primer and/or foundation to keep that definition lasting through the night). Next, add a pop of colour from the Vamp Collection (£1 each); use ‘Rebel Without Cause’ to add a blood-red lip, or if you are not feeling the ghostly complexion, try ‘Black Heart’ for a statement, matte black lip.


These seasonal lashes will enhance any look and stay on all night. The ‘Carnival’ lashes (£6.95) have a full lace-effect to add a gothic touch which would go well with a dark, bold lip colour. Eylure has also expanded their ‘Enchanted’ range to create the ‘After Dark’ line for Halloween—check out the ‘Into Darkness’ lashes (£5.95) for the over the top flare, and remember that these are limited edition so snap them up while you can.


If you are more into creating bold makeup looks then get creative with Illamasqua’s ‘Dark Magic’ products which have been tailored specifically in  celebration for Halloween. Using only their Halloween bestsellers, try the Precision Gel Liner (£20) in the new shade ‘Quixotic’ for a teal green eye liner that will make your eyes pop. Pair with the Powder Eye Shadow shades (£16.95 each) in ‘Inception’ and ‘Obsidian’ for a starkly contrasting smoky eye.

Whether you decide to splurge on the Illamasqua collection or opt to buy products from purse friendly makeup revolution, these cosmetic buys will be sure to help you create the Halloween look you desire. And you never know that teal green eyeliner just might be an investment.


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