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22nd November 2016

How to: Smokey Eye

Beauty guru Bailey Petts takes us through the steps of how to get an Olsen twins worthy smokey eye

There is something very alluring about darkening around your eye and creating a shadowing effect. The interesting thing about the smokey eye is, it can really enhance your eye colour; by utilising colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel to your natural eye colour, you can make your iris appear even more striking.

After trying many different techniques and products to perfect the smokey eye, I feel I have found my favourite style.

Step 1.

I always prime my lids with a base to stop the shadow from creasing and to improve the pigmentation, my favourite primer is Laura Mercier cream shadow in Copper.

Step 2.

I usually wear a bronze colour on my lid but to show the effect of using an opposite colour to your eye colour I used a purple/red colour to bring out the green in my eyes. First push the darker eyeshadow onto your lid and then use a lighter shade of a similar colour to blend the shadow through the crease; this is what creates the ‘smokey’ effect. Normally I take the eyeshadow underneath my eyes too to recreate that grunge, Olsen twins look. I used the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Vintage Vamp’ palette.

Step 3.

Lining the waterline and the upper lash line is key to keep definition in your eyes, I occasionally draw on a winged liner but in the day I will just rub a brown eyeliner through my upper lashes. For me, there is nothing sultrier than kohl lined eyes. I use the MAC eyeliner in Teddy and the Eyeko liquid liner.

Step 4.

Apply lots and lots of mascara! I have tiny lashes so I like to clump my mascara, but that’s a personal preference. I usually use two mascaras, Rimmel Scandal eyes and then Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes.

Step 5.

The final touch for the eyes is brows – for me, a natural brow is always the best, not a scouse brow but again, everyone has different tastes. I usually just comb mine upwards with a clear brow gel and voila! Your eyes should be looking smouldering and enticing.

To finish off the look, put on your favourite foundation and a nude lip to focus all of the attention onto your piercing eyes.

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