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22nd November 2016

Your Christmas gift guide: all wrapped up for £10

Worrying about what gift you are going to get for your Secret Santa? Don’t panic, we have a guide to help you to buy for every type of friend

So you have picked a name out of an appropriately red and white hat and you are completely stumped on what gift to buy for that awkward housemate. Look no further because here is your fool-proof guide to getting it right — all for under a tenner.

1.The busy-bee

This gift is for that one housemate you rarely see because they are always off joining societies, doing fun runs and organising pub crawls (sometimes all at the same time). Help them keep on top of things with a cute but practical desk organiser pad which will make their mile long to-do list look much easier to manage. This one from Paperchase is only £8.00 and features adorable woodland creatures to help them juggle their numerous extra-curricular activities.

Photo: Paperchase

2.The stressed-out student

This housemate always seems to be stressed over something; whether its essays, exams, or their love life, they are always flustered about something. Give them an opportunity to take a second and chill out with a relaxing pampering gift set. This beautifully wrapped box of bathing goodies from Lush will let them soak their worries away. It contains a rose and cocoa butter Snow Angel bath melt, plus a stunningly sparkly Shoot for the Stars bath bomb with Brazilian orange oil, bergamot, and cocoa butter stars to soften their skin and calm their mind. It is a steal at just £9.95 and means you do not have to bother with sub-standard attempts at wrapping — score!

Photo: LUSH

3.The party animal

If there is a club night, this housemate had their ticket last week. This is that one friend who seems to have boundless energy when it comes to dancing, sing-alongs, and shots. Speaking of shots, this set of colourful test tube shot glasses will no doubt be appreciated during your next house party. Double brownie points if they are a chemistry student. Plus they are an absolute bargain at just £7.99 from That leaves you with enough change to pop to New Zealand Wines for a mini bottle of their favourite spirit or grab a cute little bottle of Smirnoff online at for £1.79.


4.The sport-obsessive

When they are not playing it, they are watching it, and when they are not watching it, they are talking about it. It may seem easy to know what to buy for a sports fanatic but chances are they have already got all the top of the range equipment. So, why not go for a fun novelty gift that will let them practice their aim from the comfort of their sofa? This mini, wall-mounted basketball hoop from ToysRUs will relieve boredom and make for hilarious (if ill-advised) drinking games all for just £7.99.

Photo: ToysRUS

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