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14th February 2017

Valentine’s Day: Down with love

Down on your luck with love this year? Don’t worry, there are plenty of reasons why Valentine’s Day sucks, and why it’s not really that important

It’s Valentine’s Day, we can cry if we want to. Similar to a scene from a popular rom-com, your life can sometimes and often feel like a walking cliché.

Yes, the rained on window panes, the checking of your phone, and the Netflix pop-ups can feel like a rehearsal for the next twenty years of your life. ‘Do you want to carry on watching this?’. Yes, you do, because Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are your only allies…until they get the guy or girl they want. But relax, you are not alone.

Ok, you are alone, but you are not the only person that wants to stay “away” with Valentine’s Day. So what if you’re unlucky in love? There are several reasons that couples and singletons alike want to clothe Cupid too, and here’s why:

It’s not nice to feel left out
Okay, so you might not actually be alone. You may have your friends round for bro-to-bro, gal-to-gal support, but pizza and FIFA aren’t going to keep you warm at night, and the cuddles just aren’t the same. Whether singledom is by choice or misfortune, walking around with the couples of the world can feel a bit exclusive, especially on Valentine’s. You may know you’re only missing out on one day of expensive restaurant bills and wilting flowers but who doesn’t like being showered with adoration and being taken to Paris? Who wants to make their friends feel bad? Not us.

It takes money and effort
So, Paris, dinner, watches — what have you — do not come for free. We have birthdays and Christmas, what else do people want? Inflation during commercial holidays is a real life thing. Valentine’s means just more time worrying about loved ones’ faces when they open their petrol station chocolates and the spending of money that students often don’t have. Refer back to petrol station chocolates.

Facebook sucks
Even for those in relationships, the Facebook newsfeed can become a bit unmanageable. It transforms into a battleground of who loves each other the most and, even, who cares the least. With hearts, sentiments and ‘Galentines’ filling your newsfeed, Facebook can be a cringe-fest worthy of non-attendance. Love is measured not by material possession but by emotional involvement. If your loved one shows you affection only once a year, the purchasing of a cat might be in order. The company is not significantly different.

Supermarkets suck
Are they supermarkets or are they fairgrounds? There are so many aisles conquered by teddies, the food industry must truly believe that love is all people need to survive. This is an exaggeration — of course there is food. You just have to embrace that the meal deal for two might not be for two. It’s for one.

Of course, we’re not trying to sound bitter. It’s great if you’re loved up and get spoiled on Valentine’s Day. But why does it just have to be one day? Why can’t we treat every day like Valentine’s Day, and show affection all year round rather than just on one day? Give us singles a break, and spread your soppy messages and happiness throughout the year, rather than concentrating it on the 14th of February.


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