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Valentine’s Day: Down with love

Down on your luck with love this year? Don’t worry, there are plenty of reasons why Valentine’s Day sucks, and why it’s not really that important

Manchester is tenth most expensive city for students

Manchester has been announced the tenth most expensive city to study in, but with the rise of competitive institutions, will the University continue to attract prospective students?

Manchester United squad the most expensive ever

According to a new report, the Manchester United squad is the most expensive in football history

Student commutes weekly from Poland to attend lectures

A Goldsmith’s student has decided to move to Poland because commuting 1,000 miles to lectures every week is less expensive than living in London

University halls “too expensive”

92% of University of Manchester students believe that the university’s provision of halls of residence is too expensive. The Mancunion interviewed Community Officer Ellen McLaughlin with the redevelopment of the Fallowfield campus in mind.

National Fail

Privatisation works by opening up services to a free market, which drives down prices and leads to innovation and improvements in customer service. These improvements over a nationalised system are born out of competition between different providers. The telecoms industry is an excellent example of where privatisation has worked to effect improvements; numerous providers offer […]