28th February 2017

The style file

Deputy Fashion and Beauty editor Talia Lee-Skudder reveals her signature style

Most of the time I don’t tend to follow the rule ‘less is more’; instead I live by the motto that more is absolutely fabulous. This mantra means that I often mix leopard print with fur and/or feathers and my trusty leather look trousers.

My style is similar to a child in a sweet shop; I want to wear all of my favourite items at once so my feather jacket from Mimi and Bow with my faux fur stole from Zara is not an unusual combination for me. Whilst I have a few daring pieces, I tend to keep my top and trousers/skirt simple and in plain colours. A classic V-neck t-shirt is the ultimate companion to my wardrobe, while in winter I usually opt for a fluffy grey jumper or a turtleneck.

Leopard is my go to print and is usually the only pop of colour in my otherwise monochrome look. About four years ago I bought a leopard print cocoon style coat from Tesco — yes, Tesco which happens to be amazing for the odd designer inspired pieces at super affordable prices — which has seen me through the seasons.

It is light enough to wear in the spring but also great for winter when you can layer underneath it. It is perfect for throwing on at university to brighten up my outfit when my daily look is a boring uniform of jeans and trainers. Somehow the Baltic library doesn’t seem to be a worthy destination to rock my feather jacket.

Whilst prior to university I was adamant that I would not convert to a casual everyday look, it had never been my style; I have found myself wearing a variation of the same items each week. Comfort and warmth have overtaken my desire to be well dressed — but my university look of jeans and a jumper definitely does not define my style.  Jackets are my absolute weakness. Biker, bomber, fur, or fringed you name it and I probably have some variation of the style hanging in my wardrobe.

Encouraged by my mum from a young age that a good jacket is an investment piece, I have acquired a huge selection over the years. Luckily I have bought the same size in jackets for the past six years so I now have quite a collection of different styles.

I am a total hoarder when it comes to clothes, so I very rarely throw anything out, meaning that I do have some questionable items hanging in my wardrobe, but as my wise mother says ‘fashion comes round in a full circle’ so I must hang on to my more out there pieces because they will almost definitely be cool again. For now I am waiting for purple sequin blazers to make a comeback…

Heeled boots are my ultimate footwear choice but I am also majorly coveting mules at the minute, my favourite are my mules in, you’ve guessed it, leopard print that I spotted in River Island just before Christmas and have been a firm fixture of my wardrobe ever since. Currently I am styling them with my leather look jeans. The shoes are perfect for dressing up a plain outfit. Despite having a heel, the shoes are comfortable and great for transitioning my outfit from day to night.

When it comes to jewellery, I am definitely not a simple kind of gal. I am usually draped in bangles, necklaces and rings by my favourite jewellery designer Daniella Draper, a brand started by a local girl from Cleethorpes.

A battered silver aesthetic complete with stunning stones from citrine to amethyst and rose quartz, the jewellery is completely different to styles you would ordinarily find on the high street. These accessories complete my look and give me, along with most of the female population of Cleethorpes, a signature jingle jangle with every movement. Not quite appropriate for the lecture theatre.

According to my housemates I channel the Posh Spice look circa ’96, I am not sure that’s entirely true but I’ll take that over Sporty Spice any day. Long live the LBD and fabulously high heels.

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