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7th March 2017

Lets talk about thongs

Potentially the most controversial item you’ll find in your lingerie drawer

Your choice of underpinning for some reason is seen as a reflection as what sort of girl you are, and the thong says all sorts of things about you. Some people believe that thongs are the antithesis of class, a strip of fabric between your cheeks! Not for nice young ladies! Instead choose briefs, choose hiphuggers, choose brazillian knickers.

The early noughties trend for low rise jeans and g-strings over the hips has in many respects ruined the reputation of thongs, however, I, like Sisqo, am a big fan of thongs. All ladies knickers inevitably rise up the derriere so as far as I’m concerned, its best to start with them there in the first place. Otherwise the sensation of wedgie (I can think of no better term) is enough to ruin ones day!

Why spend your day worrying about when you can adjust yourself to feel comfortable? Or catching a glimpse of yourself with a horrific VPL so you look like you have double bum? With a thong this problem never exists!

I must admit I have certain favourites for thongs, I am a big fan of Victoria’s Secret lingerie in all ways and the thongs do not disappoint. Available on a 5 for £25 deal or 3 for £30, so its not cheap but they’re definitely some of the best thongs on the market. If you’re looking for more of a student budget thong Primark’s £1 thong cannot be knocked, with the variety of colours and the very lovely price.

A few tips for choosing the correct thong, don’t go too stringy or it can be a bit too like a cheese cutter; also, look out for where the seams are — this applies to all knickers to be fair — just think of where the seams may end up, that’s all I’m saying.

So in my opinion, throw caution to the wind, ignore what your grandma would think, embrace the thong, and let your bum cheeks jiggle free when you walk.

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