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Primark goes online – RIP sustainable fashion

Primark goes online – RIP sustainable fashion

Primark has announced they’re moving online. But why? Is this really necessary for an already successful company?
November student style: my must-haves

November student style: my must-haves

Need a student style refresh? Midway through the semester, Isobella Rae casts her eye over the high street to present her top picks on a student budget

Lets talk about thongs

Potentially the most controversial item you’ll find in your lingerie drawer

Monochrome wardrobe: The non-committal approach to adding excitement to your outfit

Holly James reveals how to stay warm while still looking fabulous this winter

Mancunion shopping guide

Unsure where to explore beyond Piccadilly Gardens? Kassi Allcock’s shopping guide reveals all of Manchester’s shopping extravaganzas

Shop it like it’s hot

Sarah Kilcourse takes a look at how the way we shop has changed over the years

Worst and best Valentine’s Day gifts

Get out of Ann Summers and bin the teddies, but keep the roses, as long as they’re not red, says Molly Allen

One piece, three ways

Worried your festive wardrobe won’t go the distance? Kassi Allcock shares her budget-saving secrets

Ethical Fashion: What it says on the label?

If something is labelled as ethically sourced, can we take that as the absolute truth? Alice Tofts thinks not…

Uncovered: a Guide to Manchester city centre

There’s more to student life than Fallowfield – one of the world’s great city centres is right on your doorstep