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Your festival guidelines

Festival season is right around the corner, and around about now you’re probably checking how far your overdraft goes and planning this summer’s festivals. Here’s a very rough guide of what to factor in whilst you’re going wild.

Baby wipes: These are an absolute must for any festival that you’re camping at. Showers are often either disgusting, have massive queues, or just simply unavailable. Nobody wants to be drowning in their own sweat for an entire weekend, so these are the solution. Portable, cheap, and coming in resealable packets, these are little gems of freshness that’ll help you remove the grimy traces of yesterday’s glitter, and leave you at least somewhat clean and ready to go for the next day.

Be careful around your drinks: Festivals can be nasty places  when it comes to spiking drinks, so try not to accept any from strangers in tents. You can always get alcohol elsewhere and if it’s water you need, security will normally provide some. Obviously not every drink will be spiked, but it’s not worth the risk if you end up being taken seriously ill because of some dodgy drinks. That being said, it is really important to keep hydrated at festivals, so make sure you do get hold of some water from time to time, especially in tents where it can get really hot and crowded.

Glitter: I absolutely love glitter, and personally think everyone should wear it to every event, but for festivals it can be seriously great. Even though everyone else will probably also be bathed in it, there is no such thing as too much glitter. It’s fun, it’s sparkly, and having a pot on you is guaranteed to make you friends. It also helps to cover up any eye bags that will certainly develop over the course of a weekend.

Plan your weekend: This is an absolute must, especially if you’re invested in the music and not just the atmosphere. It can get very stressful if you’re constantly running from one stage to the next and only catching bits of acts before they finish because you haven’t planned and prioritise who you want to see. Sit down and take some time before the festival to set out who’s playing at what stage at what time, and you’ll have a much less stressful weekend.

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