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Year in Review 2019: Interview with Nancy Rothwell

//Breaking: Year in Review 2019: Interview with Nancy Rothwell More

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Advice with Araddhna

Ted Baker: What is the best way to successfully juggle work, university, and social life?

That’s a tough one – you definitely aren’t alone as I’m not sure any student has really succeeded in balancing the three perfectly. I know it can sometimes feel like you have to sacrifice one aspect, but you could always try to integrate a few of them. For instance, you could have study groups with friends on your course. Even something as simple as joining a society could help; you’d make new mates, it looks good on your CV, and you’d probably be going to regular socials.

Nick: I’m in first year and I’m struggling to integrate myself into uni life. What can I do to make it easier?

First things first, try to understand why you’re struggling with this. Most of the time, first years are worried they won’t ever meet someone with the same interests as them. But that’s the great thing about uni — you’re bound to find someone you’ll get on with! Have a look at the wide range of societies available to join on the Students’ Union website and pick out a few that you’d be interested in, or just make an effort to get involved in something totally new. Just remember that first years all have this same worry, but that soon disappears!

Silent Monkey: How do I nicely ask people in the library to stop talking loudly? I don’t want to be offensive but they disturb me working!

You’re going to come across people who aren’t considerate to others’ needs. The best way to solve this issue would definitely be to speak to them rather than to suffer in silence. Explain calmly that you can’t concentrate on your work with the noise, and you’d appreciate it if they lowered their volume. I think most people will be understanding and listen to you, but if they don’t, you might have to jump ship and abandon that study area whilst they’re there. There are tons of places on campus you can study in, so unless you’re really attached to that one spot in the Main Library, that may be your best option.

As always, if you’re really struggling with something and need advice, you can always talk to someone, be it your academic advisor, a friend, or even someone at Nightline if you want to remain anonymous.

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