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27th March 2017

Poet of the Week: Jake Piazza

Jake Piazza is Poet of the Week beginning 27/03/2017

Jake Piazza is a writer and artist currently studying at the University of Manchester 


Twisted skeletal ashes lie strewn down department stores, a serenade of parapets draining my despair is a runway of flowers. Dragonflies stain my body glimmering with translucent haze. Synchronise Swan co-aligned a ring of cygnets across the deserted blue pond so green dragonflies and pond skaters’ skimmer across the water’s surface. Poised, diagonal lines trace their memory through water to the sound of beetles clicking in the grassland. A baby rattle was found there. I rattle, girl lost crying at her bus stop, running rings round a tired winter. Dusting off his jewelled knife, scarlets empty within her crushed corpse lying dead in the forest. To what end did the Fox die strung a prise of his amorphic glass girl lost shards upon the sidewalk.

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