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Review: Pizza & Prosecco Festival

Pizza and prosecco? Every girls’ dream, and it is exactly what it says on the tin. The beautifully decorated hall, filled with giant pizza and prosecco inflatables, pizza balloons and miles of bunting at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre was absolute perfection. These guys have really got their target audience marketing down to a T. This is just one of the stops that the festival will be making on its 21-major city tour around the UK.

The mini-festival gave ticket holders a free prosecco cocktail on arrival as well as a Pizza & Prosecco Bible, which outlined the taste notes of the 20 different Proseccos and the local food traders they were providing. Not only this, The Tiny Tipple Van also made an appearance to make sure that each slice of pizza was matched perfectly to it’s according to drink.

The response and the turnout for the festival were phenomenal, with thousands of people embracing and being completely smitten with the idea of the simple but clever combination in one place. This combined with the flawless sounds of a live jazz band really heightened the whole experience and is the complete package once added with a group of friends.

I myself enjoyed a glass — or two — of Contessa Carola Spumante, a rather dry but with an added twinge of apple and almond tones. In addition to this, I also tried for the first time in my life a pizza cone — yes you read that right… pizza in a cone?!? — And I would 100% recommend and encourage people to try it too!


Photo: Hannah Brierley

All in all, if you can get down to one of these events I strongly encourage and endorse you to do so. It’s such a classier way of getting drunk with your friends, and honestly, it is refreshing to try a new experience and ticks every box for me. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourselves.


Ps. Excuse the photo of the half-eaten pizza cone. I was so excited to try it and it only occurred to me afterwards to share the beautiful creation of a pizza cone.

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