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UoM make face coverings mandatory on campus

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Beauty Consciousness – Glossier in the spotlight

With the awareness increasing regarding the treatment of animals, and the rise in vegetarianism and veganism, people are also looking outside of their fridges and towards other life choices, including what they are purchasing for their make up bags.

According to the Vegan Society in 2016, over half a million people in Britain are now labelling themselves as vegan. 22% of them are dwelling in the nations capital, so it’s there is money to be made by the beauty industry in addressing and meeting the beauty requirements of such consumers.

As conscious consumers it is essential for us to know the difference between vegan and cruelty free. Cruelty free brands promise that no animals have been tested on during the production process but may contain animal derivatives. This includes silk from silk worms that gives your favourite cream its soft and silky texture.

Help is at hand though — if you are looking for some key staples to place in your make up bag, there is one brand new to the market that will be sure to tickle your fancy.

Even if you haven’t heard of Glossier, you have probably seen its millennial pink and bold packaging plastered to your Instagram feed by some of the worlds most respected beauty industry experts, editors and bloggers. This New York brand was created by Into The Gloss founder, Emily Weiss, in 2014. Coveted by all of us beauty addicts in the UK, the wait is almost over for us to purchase it on home soil! The collection ranges from essential skincare, body hero products, beauty and everything in between.

My top recommended purchase from Glossier would be their Cloud Paint Duo. This smooth, creamy, gel textured blush is available in four shades inspired by New York sunsets; Dusk, Puff, Beam and Haze. It’s low maintenance application also won me over — only fingers tips required — and it provides a bright, colourful, dewy complexion, that doesn’t mask but enhances all of your natural features!

Photo Credit: Glossier @ Instagram

Photo Credit: Glossier @ Instagram

The efficiency of this product is off the charts — the tiniest drop goes the longest way. Your radiant cheeks will be visible for miles around! It’s the perfect antidote if you’re feeling a little washed out as winter looms.

Ingredient wise, it contains collagen — an ingredient renowned for plumping and hydrating your skin. Both the cloud paints, and the remainder of the eclectic Glossier range are paraben and cruelty-free, making them an even more attractive purchase.

The Glossier collection will be available to purchase online in the UK from October and their prices range from £10-£32.

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