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Halloween makeup on a student budget

Up until recently, your Halloween make-up was probably stolen from your younger sibling’s dress-up box and smeared on in a desperate attempt to make a successfully scary, but not completely disastrous, Halloween makeup.

When I took a trip to my local Superdrug, I was pleasantly surprised by the vast number of new affordable products on the makeup stands.

Revolution, the cheap and animal-friendly make-up brand, have come out with a range of Halloween themed makeup.

Standing out immediately was their ‘Ghost sculpt’ pallet (£4), containing a duo of grey/black powder to carve out cheekbones and accentuate hollows of the face and a white powder to give you that pale spooky look — no fake tan necessary for this holiday season. In addition, they have also introduced realistic fake blood and scar liquid latex for just £2 each if you’re going for a more realistically scary look.

Photo: Superdrug

MUA’s ‘undress your skin’ highlighters are a personal favourite of mine, at only £3 for a large pan that will last months. These can give a natural or intense glow depending on how much you build up the product, making them very versatile for any radiant look.

This year, on MUA’s shelves are the new range of Halloween-themed highlight shades including ‘Black magic’, a dark glittery powder for a more Gothic highlight, or ‘Glistening amethyst’ and ‘Aqua shine’ if you’re going for something more mythical, such as space or mermaid themed.

Photo: Superdrug

With Stephen King’s IT on the must-watch horror movie list of the year, the clown trend is more popular than ever.

All you need is some smeared eyeliner — the Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner’ is the perfect blacker than black pencil you need to create this creepy look — paired with some overdrawn red lipstick; the ‘Scarlett Moisturising Lipstick’ from New Look’s makeup range is bright red, joker-style, and at only £3.99 is a complete bargain. Use MUA’s red lipliner, pricing at only £1, which also includes a sharpening lid to ensure that you can draw a precise outline.

With just a few cheap products it’s never been easier to create so many spooky-chic makeup looks this Halloween. Head over to the Superdrug website where you can watch some Halloween-inspired makeup tutorials.

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