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Trade an old coat for a free pint

To help an ever-growing population of homeless people, a pub in the city centre took initiative. The “Town Hall Tavern” will organise a great charity meal on Christmas Day.

The objective would be to host 60 homeless between 3 pm and 7 pm and to let them choose dishes from the menu while enjoying live music.

The best part is that everyone can participate. In addition to the food and music, the pub is collecting coats and sleeping bags from everyone that would like to share something.

Anyone giving something to accommodate the Mancunian homeless population will get a free pint for his/her collaboration.

This charitable operation has already been conducted in Manchester in the past. A pub, the “Old Nags Head”, already opened the doors to help the homeless during the Christmas period last year.

The pub’s landlord Sean Brett stated that the event was particularly successful and that more than 300 people came to the pub to share a bit of their richness with the poorest.

The general manager of the Town Hall Tavern Sam Foster and his staff explained how they were shocked by the rise of the homeless population in Manchester.

Mr. Foster added that he was amazed last year when he noticed all the homeless population on the street during Christmas day.

Inspiring initiatives are also taking place elsewhere. In Edinburgh, a social entrepreneur, Zakia Moulaoui launched a project called “Invisible Edinburgh.”

People affected by homelessness are being trained in history and in public speaking, to become guides of the city of Edinburgh, allowing this stranded population to get a formation and a foot back in the working world.

A community project in Everton made more than 200 people sleep for a night in a park to raise awareness and funds for the homeless population of Liverpool.

Homelessness figures released by Shelter last week revealed 307,000 people are now homeless in the UK.

To support the Tavern’s effort and grab a beer, you can go (with at least an extra coat I suggest) to the Town Hall Cavern in Tib Lane, off Cross Street.

On Sunday, November 26th, the Town Hall Tavern will also host a fundraising event for its appeal, which will include live music, a raffle and stand up bingo, from 1 pm to 9 pm.

Co-written by Pierre-Leo Rouat and Youssef Bouri

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