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Manchester’s Hinterland: Christmas in a hot-tub

With Christmas comes all sorts of fun activities and events that pop up all across the city! Manchester is well supplied with a list of places to go for a drink and with Christmas nearing us, there are even more places to do just this. There is nothing better than finding somewhere to cosy up with your mates and scoff down a deliciously Christmas meal and some drinks.

With this in mind, Hinterland comes forth. Just 10 minutes away from the city centre by car, in Stretford, Hinterland takes you to a world far away from Manchester. Priding itself on being an immersive arctic experience, it involves a giant tipi village in which you can enjoy a two-course Christmas dinner at your table next to an open crackling fire. To top it off, welcome drinks are offered whilst you arrive under the starry night.

For £30.50, you can get a shared dining experience which involves a welcome drink, a table in a shared tipi, two-course Christmas dinner, access to the whole site including the bars and other entertainment, live bands/DJs, and arctic activities.

For £15, you get a non-dining entry which includes a welcome drink, access to the whole site, live bands/DJs, and arctic activities.

Now to get to the most important bit — the hot-tubs! Hinterland offers wood-fired hot-tubs in the open, crisp air. For £20, you get a free drink, a towel, and thirty minutes to soak in the hot-tub.

Arctic activities include interacting with the ‘wildlings’ of Hinterland as they teach you the sporting traditions of the arctic world. The two-course meal includes a mouth-watering slow-cooked meat, confit potatoes, roasted vegetables with stuffing and gravy, and some festive pudding to top it off. Entertainment also includes an aurora light show!

Make sure you grab your tickets as soon as possible as this is a 3 night-only experience from the 6th to the 9th of December. Tickets are issued for use between 6pm-12.30am. More information and ticket prices can be found here.

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