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It’s app-ening: five apps to keep you studying

Do! (Free on iOS)

“It’s literally just…a to do list but I’m one of those people who hates the red notifications on your phone and it keeps them there until you’ve done the task. So it’s kinda handy for making sure you get it done because every time you open your phone it’s a constant reminder to stop procrastinating.” — Louise, final year

Trello (Free on Android and iOS)

A to-do list app on steroids. Trello allows you to make different boards for different projects and make multiple lists within these boards. If your friends or group project pals have it too, you can share your boards and collaborate on them. This is useful for those people that like to compartmentalise their multitasking. There’s also a browser version for laptops and computers.

Forest (Free on Android, £1.99 on iOS)

“While working, it can be hard to not be distracted by your phone. This app lets you set a time and grow a digital tree.  If you use your phone, the tree dies. It is very effective in stopping phone use during long and boring essays or during revision sessions. Additionally, having a lovely digital tree at the end is very satisfying.” —  Katie, final year

SimpleMind (Free lite version on Android and iOS)

If you like a visual way to organise your thoughts but hopeless at drawing, this app may be for you. This app lets you create neat, colourful and customisable mind maps. You can add your own images to them and organise the branches in your own way. The lite version gets you all the essentials, but if you want to save your mind maps in different file formats and have more pretty templates invest in the pro version.

Google Calendar (Free on Android and iOS)

This is a simple recommendation but a staple. If paper diaries aren’t your thing, this is one to get on. You can set even set reminders that annoyingly, but usefully, carry on to the next day if you don’t get them done. Add multiple calendars, customisable and it easily syncs across devices and on the iCloud, so you can access it anywhere.

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