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12th February 2018

Five podcasts to feed the curious soul

James Johnson lists some podcasts that are sure to enrich your mind
Five podcasts to feed the curious soul
Photo: Aaron Hayman@Flickr

There are more and more podcasts available to satisfy your curiosity and to develop your understanding of public affairs and various other topics.

Here is a varied pick of just 5 podcasts that will satisfy your curiosity, stimulate your interest and some that will make you belly laugh.

1. Super Soul Conversations

This podcast opens with the soothing tone of the legendary Oprah Winfrey. “The best gift you can give yourself is time,” she says soothingly in the opening of each SuperSoul Conversation. 

Bringing her already famed Super Soul Sundays to podcast format, Winfrey sits down with some of the worlds greatest visionaries, from Dr Maya Angelou to famed author Brené Brown and Eckhart Tolle, to bring you in-depth discussions of the more philosophical questions of life.

Each episode is a different opportunity to develop your introspection and the discussions will leave you with plenty of food for thought.

Now there are over 50 episodes for you to sit back and enjoy, each a small meditation in self-love and a real opportunity to feed the soul.

2. How I Built This

Produced by NPR, How I Built This is another triumph in NPR’s effort to bring you quality content.

Hosted by Guy Raz, interviews with the people behind some of the worlds most infamous brands and ideas will provide you with the backstories of the idealists who built their fortunes, as well as the tribulations of their efforts.

Take a listen to the winding history of Starbucks with founder Howard Schultz or to the tribulations of Richard Branson’s well-established career.

There are hoards of great narratives for you to feast upon including conversations with the founders of Airbnb, Instagram and Toms.

3. Anna Faris is Unqualified

It’s 2018, and we all need to laugh a little. Thankfully, Anna Faris is here for you. Co-hosted with Executive Producer Sim Sarna, this podcast is a stupendous exercise in loosely-structured advice, comedy and insight.

It’s title, Unqualified, gives reference to the main focus of each episode; Anna Faris takes calls from listens, form which she issues her unqualified and naturally thoughtful advice on love, life, careers and more.

If you’re prepared to laugh out loud in public, this is the podcast for you. Hillarious episodes with Eva Longoria, Allison Janney and Andy Cohen are great places to start.

Faris has notched up over 100 episodes of this acclaimed series, taking home the best podcast award at the 2017 Shorty Awards.

4. What’s the Tee?

RuPaul Charles and Michelle Visage are the glorious hosts of this truly hilarious podcast. The team, having already proven a staple TV hit in the 90’s, have been interviewing your favourite celebrities and cackling along since 2014.

Their laughing is contagious and their conversations are insightful, thoughtful and continue to ask the questions that fans won’t often get to hear the answers to.

Traversing the rise to fame of many of the worlds famous faces, the hosts often reflect on their own lives, offering the listener a glimpse into the struggles and successes of their own fame, as well as insightful advice for you to take with you.

The pair succeeds in bringing the explosive TV success to podcast format, and it continues to flourish, episode after episode.

5. S-Town

The breakout success 2017; brought to you by the producers of the Serial and This American Life, S-Town is a triumphant effort in beautiful, narrative-driven podcasting.

Investigative Journalist Brian Reed is the genius storyteller behind this stunning podcast.

Following the story of John B.McLemore, antique horologist in Woodstock, Alabama, Reed documents his year-long discussions and emails with John B.McLemore concerning an alleged murder.

After their year-long conversations, Brian Reed travels to Woodstock, to better understand the situation at hand, and uncovers a tangled and winding story that will leave you with chills.

The storytelling here is impeccable, unlike anything else you’re likely to find.

If you’re a fan of Serial, then this is a natural progression. S-Town is a treat for the ears and mind and the haunting story of John B.McLemore will stay with you for years to come. Treat yourself, and dive in.

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