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23rd March 2018

Calling all film students, cinephiles and critics – Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2018

Don’t miss the chance to get involved with this year’s Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival!
Calling all film students, cinephiles and critics – Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2018
Photo: Pearl Street Films

The Lift-Off Film Festival returns to Manchester next week to celebrate the best that the independent film community in the North of England and the rest of the world has to offer and is looking to involve as many people as possible.

Diary note: Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2018

Date: 28th-29th March 2018

Location: Texture, 67 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FL

Lift-Off are on the hunt for official reviewers and volunteers for our second festival of the year, Manchester Lift-Off which will be held at Texture, a vibrant hub of indie cinema and culture in the Northern Quarter.

You will be treated to an incredibly broad range of films from equally diverse filmmakers, each presenting stories and perspectives unique to their own experiences. From carefully constructed features, perspective-shifting documentaries, and Academy award-winning short films, there really is something for everyone.

The festival culminates with a Local Filmmakers Showcase and Networking Party on Thursday 29th March, where attendees and filmmakers can rub shoulders and maybe even find the perfect collaborators for their next project!

Check out the programme here .

How to get involved:

At each Lift-Off Festival, a vital team of film-buff volunteers and reviewers play an integral role in the running of the festival. After each film is screened, the reviewers fill out feedback forms, which are then sent back to the filmmakers. This process allows direct contact between filmmakers and their audience, allowing them to really hone their talent.

To apply to be a reviewer, fill out this form.

For volunteers, this is a great way to start building your position within the industry and get your foot in the door. The work is easy, and the benefits could be sky high in terms of market insights and career progressive contacts. You will be brushing shoulders with all the attending filmmakers, as well as the Lift-Off Team, who will all be able to offer essential advice for making a start in the film industry.

To apply to be a volunteer, fill out this form.

If you have an active interest in the film industry and you would like to see, and review, some of the best up and coming film content, apply today!

Successful applicants will get a complimentary pass to the festival, and free tickets to our ‘Local Filmmakers Networking’ event on the final night.

About the Lift-Off Global Network:

UK based festival founders James Bradley and Ben Pohlman started the Lift-Off Network from small beginnings in 2011 with the first London Lift-Off Film Festival. Now in its eighth year, with eleven host cities, they are delighted to be returning to Manchester to connect with the filmmaking talent there once more.

James Bradley Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lift-Off commented:

“Getting into any Lift-Off Film Festival is a massive achievement. The world of independent film has grown so much over the years that many of the grassroots filmmakers and emerging professionals are left without much of a platform any more. We felt that many of these artists who were producing exceptional work were being hugely ignored – and deserved to be seen!”

Ben Pohlman Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lift-Off commented:

“Our film festivals are the perfect place to meet up-and-coming filmmakers at various stages of their careers, from new to award-winning talent, as well as other industry professionals. Through the Lift-Off Film Festivals, we aim to build a community of talented filmmakers and film enthusiasts. We’re all people who love compelling storytelling and good cinema.”

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