25th October 2018

Live Review: Anteros

Anteros – the glittery silver lining to the dark clouds of the world – put on an emotionally euphoric performance at Soup Kitchen, writes contributor Winona Newman.
Live Review: Anteros
Photo: Winona Newman @ Mancunion

Channeling the female spirits of music’s past, Anteros filled Soup Kitchen with a force to shake it to its core. The band’s frontwoman Laura Hayden ran onto the stage, her silver glitter dress and unapologetic feminine appearance contrasted the worn walls of the basement.

Her stage presence and evocative dancing embodies the likes of Madonna, whilst her music occasionally paid homage to Nancy Sinatra, by incorporating her own rendition of ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ into the set. The band appeared to run off of this power that has run the course of music history and used this to fuel to their sets, injecting it with something which catapults them into contemporary relevance.

This was a joyously warm and heart-filled gig. Hayden (the power-house of a frontwoman), is awe-inspiring, pervading this sense of almighty energy whilst simultaneously carrying no pretenses. Amongst this modern political climate, being a loud and unapologetically talented woman is an act of resistance in itself.

Her band — and they really are hers — consists of three guys, Joshua, Jackson, and Harry who seem to be content in the background — their monochromatic outfits and laid back style served only to make her shine even brighter. Yet they come together as a perfect unit; seamlessly slick, with addictive harmonies able to melt your soul and melodies which encroach into your mind. Watching their performances gives you the impression that they are a genuinely good-hearted band, and that there is a distinct and obvious passion for their craft. It’s a joy to see this passion blossom even in the intimate space of Soup Kitchen.

In her signature style, Hayden called as many women from the audience up onto the stage as would fit to join her for the band’s 2017 single ‘Bonnie’ – a song which can only be described as a celebration of womanhood. Dancing on stage with a group of young women, alongside undeniably one of the rising queens of the alternative music scene, was an exhilaratingly emotional experience.

Security, on the other hand, were less than thrilled. And yet, this simple act of defiance served to electrify the venue, creating a triumphant atmosphere that persisted for the remainder of the set. The night, as always, reached its peak with the emotionally charged and powerful self-titled closer song, which saw the band unite around drummer Harry as everything came to a beautiful crescendo.

The band’s debut album When We Land is released early next year but already, the relatively small group have amassed a cult following. This comes as no surprise — Anteros never shy away from their ability to interact emotionally, and in some cases physically, with the entirety of their devoted fans. The London band seem to be making their mark and if their latest single ‘Ordinary Girl’, with its Lana Del Ray-esque vibe, is anything to go by, their album should be met with high praise.

Anteros may be the God of unrequited love, but the affection towards this band is anything but.


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