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Elena Bradley catches up with upcoming Peach Fuzz who are freshly picked and buzzing with promise as their tour with The Vryll Society ends on a high.

Photo: Getting Busy!, Jimothy Lacoste

Famed on social media and hated by Transport For London, Jimothy Lacoste visited Soup Kitchen for a short-but-sweet sold-out show

In conversation with LAUREL

Having released her debut album just a month ago, and on the second day of her European tour, LAUREL speaks to The Mancunion ahead of her show at Soup Kitchen.

Photo: Winona Newman @ The Mancunion

Live Review: Anteros

Anteros – the glittery silver lining to the dark clouds of the world – put on an emotionally euphoric performance at Soup Kitchen, writes contributor Winona Newman.

photo: Alex Corns

Live Review – LAUREL

An evening at Soup Kitchen with LAUREL leaves an audience privileged to have witnessed a singer destined to play far bigger venues, writes Alex Corns

Photo: Man Alive! @Flickr

What’s on this week?

Despite fairly slim pickings, music reporter Callum Pinder has rounded up the cream of the crop of music events to show your face at this week