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5th November 2018

Review: ‘Post’

Anya Guzenkova reviews ‘Post’ as part of the Orbit Festival 2018
Review: ‘Post’
Photo: Xavier De Sousa

What is nationalism? What is home? Or simply, what is identity?

These are the questions that Xavier de Sousa, the creator and the soul-performer of ‘Post’, asked of the audience.

This was a fascinating, thought-provoking, and elaborate attempt to answer various questions that are highlighted in the times of Brexit, Trump, and the refugee crisis.

Travelling, working abroad, and collaborating with people all around the world has become an essential part of our daily lives. But now it seems that we are shifting in another direction.

de Sousa welcomed the audience with a night of Portuguese recipes, warm drinks, and captivating discussions. By sharing our own stories and getting to know the stories of random people next us, we embarked on the journey of “identity and home”. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the house dinner parties that one might have in student accommodation. Somehow, this theatrical performance made us feel like a guest in this smiling man’s house.

This was a place to share culture through warm discussions, food with recipes from back home, and nice bottles of wine. The boundaries between the theatre and audience were pleasantly broken.

There was no one performer — the audience and their life stories became the centre of attention. Led by the wisdom of Xavier de Sousa, we tried to answer complex questions such as the problems of identity, nation, and home. This was not a performance just for those who relate personally as immigrants from other cities. Moving to a new city, a new flat, away from family, many of us would ask similar questions no matter where we’re from — what is my home? What is my identity?

The creator of the show united different views, different nations, and different backgrounds under one roof, and let the audience pause from an overwhelming flood of information and ask the questions, not only concerning the current world and politics, but primarily yourself.

‘Post’ is currently touring the UK and will next be seen on 17th November 2018 Platform, Glasgow.

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