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12th February 2019

Want Not Waste: The SU’s eco-venture

Save money for yourself and save the planet with Want Not Waste, the new zero-waste store in the SU
Want Not Waste: The SU’s eco-venture
Photo: Luigi Chiesa @ Wikimedia commons

Want Not Waste opened in our Students’ Union last semester. But on the 11th of February it formally launched, opening its doors to students with friendly smiles and a buffet of vegan mezze food provided by Global Source Kitchen.

The zero-waste store stocks spices, pulses, grains, and sugar among other food produce that you can take home in you own jar or a compostable paper bag. They also offer laundry detergent, dishwasher liquid, and fabric softener to refill your empty containers with. Want Not Waste not only supplies you with produce that doesn’t come in excess plastic packaging, it also saves you money – particularly with dried fruits and nuts, which can often be very expensive in supermarkets.

In the UK, 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year. And that’s not even counting the food waste that we produce at home. By shopping at vendors like Want Not Waste, you can choose exactly how much of a product you want to take home. This saves you having to buy a whole kilogram of an ingredient you’ll only use a tenth of. The concept reduces waste and cost for the consumer. Think about the amount of food you throw away at the end of term because you don’t have the space to take it back home with you. Buying in smaller quantities when you need to would eliminate that possibility.

Want Not Waste have definitely impressed a whole host of university students here at Manchester, judging by the success of their launch. Ran by an SU Officer and selling jewellery and other products made by students, Want Not Waste is a zero-waste store that definitely has the student population in mind. And with it on your doorstop in the SU, why not take full advantage?

Save your money and save the planet.

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