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28th February 2019

Believe in yourselfie

5 hot selfie spots around Manchester
Believe in yourselfie
Dirty Martini Credit: Author

In an age whereby our Instagram feeds are under constant pressure to stay fresh, this article locates Manchester’s top 5 selfie spots so that you can be sure to snap up a like-worthy gram.

Selfie hotspot number 1: Dirty Martini, Deansgate.

The first coveted selfie location where many a visitor has taken an Instagramable snap is the neon angel wings found inside the Deansgate branch of Dirty Martini. The fluorescent lighting casts the outline of angel wings and a halo with the sign above reading, ‘Get your halo dirty’. Whether you take a solo shot or one with a friend, there’s no excuse not to have your own angelic portrait captured in this sought-after Manchester spot.

Selfie hotspot number 2: Neighbourhood.

The second location chosen for this list is Neighbourhood, a bar and restaurant located in Spinningfields, Manchester. The floral backdrop provides the perfect spot for a Hawaiian themed exotic full-length photo. Alternatively, you can channel your inner Kris Jenner as you pose on the iconic checkboard tiles that run through the seating area.

Selfie hotspot number 3: Menagerie.

Next on the list is a bar and restaurant in Salford, well known for its bespoke food and cocktails. Asides from its great food and party atmosphere, the restaurant is also well known for its freestanding bathtub filled with colourful plastic balls. Positioned next to the bathtub is a large full-length mirror with a neon light display reading ‘Trade your broken wings for mine’. There have been many a shameless snapper climb into the bath in order to capture a frivolous photo.

Selfie hotspot number 4: Sunset by Australasia.
The penultimate spot which enables a perfect selfie is in the bar come restaurant Sunset by Australasia in Spinningfields. Designed by award-winning interior designer Michelle Derbyshire, the chic interior boasts impressive velvet pink booths, huge floral displays and plush fluffy cushions. Whether it be inside or out in the terrace, it’s difficult not to get a good picture inside this picturesque space.

Selfie hotspot number 5: Cloud 23.

The final location for the ultimate Manchester selfie is the famed Cloud 23 restaurant and bar located inside the Hilton in Manchester Deansgate. As the highest restaurant in Manchester, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide an all-encompassing view of the Manchester cityscape. This is a great way to soak up the spectacular views the city has to offer and also the perfect spot for the ultimate Manchester selfie. When the sun drops, the vast metropolis illuminates the sky, providing the perfect backdrop for your picture!

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