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3rd May 2019

Use your Noodle! A vending machine like no other

Not just Pot Noodles on the line, you can win cash too
Use your Noodle! A vending machine like no other
Photo: Pot Noodle

The world’s first ever revision powered vending machine is coming to Manchester next week.

Pot Noodle have created a vending machine that tests your knowledge across all subjects, from history to physics. If you’re smart enough, you can unlock free snacks including the classic Pot Noodle students know and love. Other prizes include a month’s worth of tuition fees. Not quite making up for the three years, but we’ll take it.

The vending machine is set to appear at the University of Manchester on the 7th May, and the University of Salford on the 9th May.

There will also be other events happening around the campuses. In the ‘Reach For Your Dreams Run’ you will be able to race your friends in a bungee run down an inflatable course. As a reward for striving and running towards your dreams, you will get the chance to win some of the craziest and most exciting internships the world has to offer. Think assisting in an extreme sports competition, delving into the world of 3D printing, or picking elderflower for production of gin.

Pot Noodle want to give students a taste of the unconventional.

Brand Manager Lena Portchmouth said: “At Pot Noodle, we’re always looking for new ways to help students make it, encouraging them to reach for their dreams.”

So keep an eye out for some noodley goodness on campus, and test our your brains for the chance to win some revision snacks, cash or even the internship of your dreams!

In the midst of deadlines and exams, it is the break we all needed. It’s just a shame it can’t be around every day.

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