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12th September 2019

Spend your Sunday at Albert’s Schloss

Elena Bradley recommends Albert’s Schloss as the place to go this Sunday for your ‘golden roast opportunity’
Spend your Sunday at Albert’s Schloss

In every student’s first term, you encounter the rut. The rut of missing your pet, your home, your family and probably, depending on the culinary skills of your parents, a roast.

Those who are graced with having parents who actually want to come and see them will, at one point or another, be presented with the ‘golden roast opportunity’. By this, I mean you will be blessed with a parent visit and told you can go out for food to soothe your homesickness and “give you a proper meal”. Do not be a martyr – take that golden roast opportunity and take yourself and/or family to Albert’s Schloss

Located on Peter Street, a five-minute walk from The Paramount Wetherspoons, Albert’s Schloss is a mixture of instagrammable heaven and to-die-for food.

Amidst the Spinningfields boujee-ness you find this German Cook-Haus, but don’t be put off – this is certainly not an oompah Bierkeller of Lederhosen and sausage (although excellent sausages they do provide) –  sophisticated eatery is far from kitsch.

From the in-house bakery that hand-makes ‘Cruffins’ (croissant-muffins covered in blow-torched meringue and fruit compotes) to the prestigious Sunday roast, Schloss is sure to become one of your favourite places in Manchester. 

Every Sunday from 12pm-9pm you can choose from Cheshire chicken or pork, lamb, Lancashire beef (with the option to have it pink) or mushroom and butternut squash strudel. All roasts accompanied with massive fluffy Yorkshire puddings, lashings of gravy, crispy roast potatoes, root veg mash and seasonal greens. Although priced at a luxury £16, for that ‘golden roast opportunity,’ they will not disappoint. The portions are massive, and everything is seasoned masterfully, roasted perfectly and plated beautifully. 

Sformato. Photo: WeAreIndigo

Equally, if you’re still being treated by mum and dad; twist their arm into getting the ‘sformato:’ a truffled, alpine cheese, baked mashed potato that is undoubtedly one of the nicest things you will ever put into your mouth. I promise.

Beside the amazing food, Schloss offer humongous steins of Pilsner Urquell, an amazing cocktail list with ever-changing twists on classics and the ‘Kunst Cabaret’, where every Tuesday, free of charge, you can be entertained by Manchester’s’ best drag, jazz, burlesque and cabaret!

Aside from its usual promotions, Schloss also facilitates dancing on the benches and hundreds of drunken photos from a permanent  photo booth. Although Albert’s Schloss easily seats 100 guests at a time, perhaps book to ensure you don’t have to queue – everybody loves Schloss on a Sunday.

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter Street M2 5QR. @albertschloss on Instagram.

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