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13th September 2019

£1000 National Book Tokens Prize

Win a National Book Token prize worth £1000 to spend on books throughout your course
£1000 National Book Tokens Prize
Photo: Joe Shlabotnik Photography @ flickr

You may have already heard of the National Book Tokens Scheme. The scheme comes from the same people who bring you World Book Day, and now they’re bringing some book-specific financial aid for students.

Because uni is very much about, books, books, books.

They’re expensive, but you definitely need to be reading when you’re in uni. Mainly for academic purposes, but having a book on the go can provide much needed relief.

The National Book Tokens Scheme is providing an unmissable opportunity for students. To help ease the cost of learning, National Book Tokens are offering a £1000/€1100 award for students, that can be spent exclusively on books. According to The National Student Money Survey 79% of students have money worries, so a little help here can go a long way!

All you need to do is find somebody who will nominate you for the award. They can access the National Book Token website and fill out a quick form on their website. If you win they’ll also receive a £50/€60 gift card to spend on books, so it’ll make it an easy ask. You could even band together with a couple of course-mates and buy the books you all need if one of you wins. There are 26 bookshops around Manchester that will accept the book tokens, so places to spend them are a-plenty.

The competition closes on the 20th of October 2019. Awards will be announced shortly after this.

Visit the website, ask your nearest and dearest to nominate you and secure the opportunity to fund book expenses for the academic year.

Best of luck!

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