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13th September 2019

A Film Lover’s Guide to Manchester: Events

A guide to Manchester’s cinemas, festivals and events for 2019
A Film Lover’s Guide to Manchester: Events
Photo: Tobias Soar @ The Mancunion

One-off screenings are always fun. They’re an opportunity to revisit a favourite film of yours, introduce a friend to a film you love, or maybe you’re going to see a classic for the first time. Whatever the occasion, these events cost the same as a regular cinema ticket, so why not check them out?



Grimmfest Double Bills

From the crew that brought you Grimmfest, their monthly double bills are perfect for film lovers on a budget. £10 for back-to-back screenings of The Ring and Battle Royale, or The Faculty chased up by Attack the Block? Yes, please!


Manchester Classic Films

A one-man show run by Fergus, Manchester Classic Films does what it says on the tin: they’re showings of classic films in Manchester. Simple. The screenings are possible thanks to the magic of crowdfunding. When buying a ticket for a screening, you’re directly covering the costs of the rights to screen the movie, advertising future events, and renting out the screen — which is usually at the ODEON Great Northern. These screenings are very successful, with only two showings failing to hit their minimum funding. Thanks to Manchester Classic Films, I was able to take my brother to see his favourite film on the big screen: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.



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