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Single Preview: TMI by Zkeletonz

Scary politicians, an overwhelming amount of information, and impending doom are all causes of our daily anxieties. Who’s to say we can’t meet the apocalypse without falling in love and having a dance? This is where the rising post-pop trio, Zkeletonz, come in with their new single TMI.

The three-man-band has steadily been making soundwaves in the past year; this summer they had a three-night residency at the Edinburgh Fringe for their ‘Apocalypse How?’ show, they’re supported by BBC Introducing, they’ve played Coventry’s Godiva Festival, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Gav, Ed, and Will describe their sound as “post-pop”, blending influences from Charli XCX, to Danny Brown, and even Daft Punk. It’s synth-filled dance-inducing goodness that never fails to make me smile.

Their latest single, TMI, might just be their best yet. Lyrically, Gav tells the story of a conversation with a girl in which he tells her he wants to escape our crazy reality to a neon post-pop dreamscape. “The papers say there’s no government anyway. TMI, let’s take a ride,” rings the incredibly catchy chorus. 

Sonically, a lush drum beat by Ed and an extremely catchy guitar riff by Will loop over and over, combining with sweeps into the chorus, creating a feeling of forward motion that doesn’t slow down. All this, by the way, is all Zkeletonz — every step of the way, from inception to production, the boys are in charge.

What really caught my attention about TMI, however, is the omission of a bridge. The song goes: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, and an outro which would easily fit into a Chromeo song. Forgoing the traditional three-minutes and twenty-second song length is a movement started by SoundCloud rappers and has taken the music scene by storm — this formula got Old Town Road to #1 across the globe, after all. In short, it ‘hacks’ your brain, making the song stick in your head and causing you to hit that repeat button over, and over, and over again, as you chase that feeling of closure.

I can’t get enough of the track, and you can be damn sure that I’ll dance through the end of the world as it plays in my headphones.

TMI will release on 31 October and is available to pre-save now. Zkeletonz will be playing a gig in London on 7 December, tickets are available on their website.

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