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18th February 2020

Skincare basics for young adults

Clueless about skincare? Beauty Writer Alice Holder takes you through the basic skincare routine for a young adult
Skincare basics for young adults
Photo: @pxfuel

When your student loan flies into your account, I’m just going to take a wild stab and say that your first thought isn’t – oh great, money to spend on skincare this month! But if you are used to prioritising food and booze instead, then maybe you should start thinking more about skincare as it comes with many benefits for your skin and general health.

Don’t panic though, looking after your skin doesn’t have to cost the earth. Not to mention, it’s totally dependent on your skin type, so following (normally expensive) Instagram trends are not the way forward. The trick is to find the easiest, non-fuss and cost-efficient products out there, that you can slap on before bed – even after a mad night out.

1. Cleanser

Washing your face is the first and most essential step to your skincare routine. Cleanse twice if you have time, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup, and keep it easy with something like the Simple purifying cleansing lotion to cleanse your face gently. Alternatively, I recommend Nip+Fab’s cleanser to remove harsher products like foundation and mascara. Always use warm water but not too hot!

2. Toner (optional)

When I was suffering from Freshers Skin (this is totally a thing – stress, alcohol, etc. all adds up), Nip+Fab’s chemical exfoliator really brought my skin back to life! Glossier’s Solution is also “a gentle way to slough away dead skin to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion”, so that might be worth a go.

3. Serum

Serum is one of the final steps in your routine, used to target specific problems. The Ordinary is a go-to for serums as they are so affordable yet effective.

Skin lacking in brightness? Well duh, we live in sunless Manchester. I recommend The Ordinary’s Vitamin C serum (start with the less intense version, as it is very potent).

Breaking out, but not bad enough to get acne medication? The odd spot can be cleared up with The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum. It stops the production of sebum, which is the oil that builds up to create a spot. Be wary of the fact that this can be quite drying, however, so use sparingly.

That essay making you age prematurely? I’ve got your back. The Ordinary’s Buffet serum is fantastic. Packed with peptides to boost brightness and plumpness in the skin, your skin will feel like a baby’s in no time.

4. Moisturiser

Simple skincare does a great, inexpensive one but if you’re looking for a richer cream then go for Aveeno moisturiser. Also Glossier’s priming moisturiser works great for combination skin in the mornings under makeup.

5. Eye cream

Even though eye is an added faff, it is definitely worth it. It stops premature aging whilst helping your concealer glide on easier.

Try Glossier’s Bubblewrap (bonus points as it works on your lips too). It’s affordable and does the job perfectly. If you suffer from darker undereyes, I’d recommend one with a peachy tint, like Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eyecream.

That’s pretty much it! To summarise:

  • A no-nonsense cleanser (or two)
  • An exfoliant/toner
  • A targeted serum
  • A serious moisturiser
  • An eye cream, if you can be bothered

Also, invest in a facemask – a treat after a stressful day and a boost for the complexion. Try K Beauty’s masks or if  you’re feeling boujée, then Origins charcoal ones work especially well.

The average overall cost of those products would be about £39.25. That might seem like a lot, but it should last you for approximately half a year and your face has to last you your whole life so… you do the maths!

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