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6th March 2020

Art In Mancunia: Rebekah Knox

Fuse Fm’s Head of Publicity speaks about Rebekah Knox’s photography journey and what we can expect to see from her at the A.I.M 2020 event
Art In Mancunia: Rebekah Knox
Rebekah Knox

The Art In Mancunia event is drawing nearer and looks rather promising.  The White Hotel will be hosting the event and giving a space for an array of creative individuals to exhibit their work. Rebekah Knox is a 21-year-old social anthropology student and photographer who will be present at the event.

Knox has always found creating things exciting but it was her particular love for fashion that kick-started up her photography journey. She realised that she wanted to take photography more seriously after interning at a modelling agency and being asked to style a test shoot. Her tasks included assisting with the photographer, the makeup artist and organising the model’s clothing.

This inspired her to set up photoshoots with her close friends and experimenting with different types of photography styles. After some trial and error, Rebekah found her passion: fashion photography.

What she enjoys about photography is that the photo she captures can be interpreted in ways that differ from individual to individual. She also finds it liberating, in the sense that she is able to take photos wherever she may be.

In her first year of university, she released the Warehouse Project series. Although she had only just experimented with film, she was Warehouse was a huge part of the Manchester clubbing scene and thought that shooting the scenes with a film camera would work well.

Warehouse Project - Rebekah Knox
Warehouse Project – Rebekah Knox

Her aim was to explore and portray the type of people who attended these events and as she went from corner to corner, she realised that like many spots in Manchester, The Warehouse attracts a variety of party-goers, who range in age.

Another thing that made her eager to photograph Warehouse was the fact that it was completely out of her comfort zone and so, she wanted to challenge herself. Normally, she focuses heavily on fashion photography, which means that she orchestrates everything that happens within the shoot.

On the contrary, the Warehouse Project required her to take candid shots and she chose to do the entire series in black and white to give her images a timeless look, leaving viewers wondering which year the shots were taken.

Warehouse Project - Rebekah Knox
Warehouse Project – Rebekah Knox

Knox hopes to present some of her best work at the A.I.M event, where we will be able to get a first-hand look and ask her questions ourselves.

For more of her work, follow her on Instagram @photosbyknox

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