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6th March 2020

Death Row Dinners: Musician Edition Part 2

From Prince loving breakfast to Bowie’s obsession with Shepherd’s pie, here’s another installment of the Death Row Dinners segment, this time with your favourite musicians
Death Row Dinners: Musician Edition Part 2
Photo: Clker-Free-Vector-Images / 29587 images @ Pixabay

Back again for another installment of Death Row Dinners. Though we’ve previously covered local musicians – this time we’re going more high profile.

Prince: According to NME, the late Prince was famous for cooking breakfast. His backing singer once disclosed that his favourite breakfast was scrambled eggs, for which he had his own secret recipe: curry and cheddar cheese.

David Bowie: Food-based publication The Daily Meal claimed that Bowie’s favourite food of all time was shepherd’s pie. Gotta love him.

Mick Jagger: According to those closest to the rock legend, Mick’s favourite foods are cherries, limeade and anchovies.

Madonna: Following a strict ‘macrobiotic diet’, Madonna’s personal chef Mayumi Nishimura prepares her favourite dishes such as ‘sauerkraut with thyme’ and ‘tofu tartare’.

Lady Gaga: The Italian-American icon loves turkey burgers and pasta apparently. Her favourite dessert of all time is panna cotta.

Rihanna: According to Rihanna’s personal chef, Debbie Solomon, Rihanna loves the food of her Jamaican, Guyanese heritage – with a lot of plantain, spice and old bay seasoning. Apparently she specifically asks for the chicken exclusively from the drumstick.


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