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MANIFF 2020: Let’s Roll

There was one standout short film from MANIFF’s 2020 line-up and for me that was Let’s Roll.

Centred around the iconic Gloucester “Cheese Rolling” competition, the film follows Antonia (Amy Bowden), a teenage girl who dreams of conquering the event, as she overcome multiple obstacles to prove her strength and worth to not just her family, but to herself.

The film’s dialogue is witty and authentic, perfectly capturing a mother and daughter’s acrimonious relationship. Its music is grand and its visuals vibrant, which accentuated the drama and comedy.

The pace of the film is also brilliantly orchestrated and directed, moving audiences along from one exciting scene to another with punctuating moments to catch your breath.

The highlight of the film for me is Nigel (Joel James Davison); Antonia’s best friend and cheese-roll mentor, who also happens to be in love with her. Tenderness and humour are captured and complemented in the writing, directing and acting and his character adds such a glow to the film.

I’m so glad to see short films like this being made. It is a brilliant collaboration between writer Allan MacLeod and director Chris Thomas and shows that they’re very much ones to watch.


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