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24th September 2020

Illegal student parties continue in Fallowfield halls despite curfew warnings

The Mancunion has obtained a video of a student party
Illegal student parties continue in Fallowfield halls despite curfew warnings
Photo: The Mancunion

Manchester students are still throwing massive flat parties in Fallowfield halls of residence, despite warnings from the University that a curfew could be imposed. 

The Mancunion has obtained a video which appears to show dozens of freshers partying at a packed Fallowfield accommodation block.

The video was posted as an Instagram story by one partygoer last night. Students can be seen dancing to loud music in the sweaty room with no social distancing. 

The University “strongly” condemned the new video, saying the party was shut down by security services and adding that bosses would be working hard to identify those involved.

This comes after police had to be called to Fallowfield campus this weekend and break up several mass gatherings.

University bosses said a disciplinary process had been initiated against a number of students flouting the rules. 

In an email sent to freshers this week, undergraduates were warned they could even face a curfew. 

Fallowfield is known for its dense student population, and the University of Manchester has 7 halls of residence in the area. 

But authorities have been struggling to keep a lid on mass gatherings in the area, and continued parties are likely to mean the University will have to clamp down even further. 

Last night’s party-goers are certainly not the first to break lockdown restrictions since freshers began this month. Manchester Evening News reported yesterday that four Fallowfield students were fined for organising an “after the pub party” in private accommodation. 

A number of students in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley Halls were also forced to self-isolate last week due to a small outbreak of confirmed coronavirus cases following a “100-strong” party.

A University of Manchester spokesperson said: “We were made aware of this party and our Security services were called to shut it down. 

“This behaviour is totally unacceptable and the University strongly condemns it. We have been clear and consistent with our messaging around student conduct and behaviour in halls and we will be working hard to identify those involved.

“We have been very clear to students that they must respect social distancing rules and all other restrictions to keep themselves and others safe.

“If students do not comply, they will face disciplinary action from the University, which could lead to fines or expulsion, and we will not hesitate to involve the police if necessary. Some students have already been issued with fixed penalty notices by the police.

“Additional security officers have been deployed in Fallowfield and further reminders sent. Details of offending students are being recorded and a number of these will now go through our disciplinary process.

“Active consideration is also being given to introducing a curfew across all Halls. We really want to avoid this but if residents fail to adhere to social distancing rules we will be faced with no alternative.”

Josh Sandiford

Josh Sandiford

Deputy Editor

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